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Audit and Inspection Services

As part of our connected service to business TFL can provide an independent audit and inspection service on your fleet of vehicles. We have an experienced and capable team of engineers who can provide simple inspection services to ensure compliance with your preferred service provider or supply agreement. In addition we can provide value for money audits, ensuring you are maximising the asset value of your tyres and casings- this is an area often overlooked by operators. We can provide audits on your casing banks wherever they may be located, ensuring your assets remains in your custody and also ensuring you get the maximum life expectancy of casings throughout their service life.

TFL can also provide you inspection services to ensure you are getting the maximum life out of tyres, the correct product specification and fitment policy can improve your pence per mile costs considerably.

Operator licence compliance, health and safety legislation are areas of business that are vital to a well-run company, and TFL can assist you in maintaining compliance to these important legislation areas. We can provide random or planned driver audits, ensuring your people are compliant to your companies daily check rules, and our random gate stop audits ensure the element of surprise is added when carrying out spot checks on your drivers.

We are flexible in our approach and can tailor an audit or inspection service to suit your needs. Our independence to any tyre manufacturer ensures we can provide impartial advice on products and services being applied to your fleet of vehicles.

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